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Hello friends, 🙏 Welcome to ReaSieKie Private Limited :) Where we get awesome articles every day. Today I have brought an article about the Animals.

  • 20 Facts About The Animals:

01. If a duck baby has seen you 10 minutes after being born, then he will start thinking of you as a mother.

02. Crocodiles can live for more than 100 years.

03. Jellyfish evaporate in the sun as it contains 98% water.

04. A bird named Woodpeckers, which we also call woodpecker, can peck 20 times in a second.

05. The heart of a whale fish beats only 9 times in a minute.

06. A male gorilla can eat 18 kg of food in a day.

07. The newborn panda weighs less than a cup of tea, but when grown, it weighs from 70 to 100 kg.

08. The squirrel cannot see a red color.

09. Hummingbird is the only bird that can fly upside down.

10. Penguins can swim at a speed of 24 kilometers per hour.

11. Teeth of the ovaries never stop growing throughout life.

12. A hungry rat can eat its own tail too.

13. Snakes never blink.

14. Only bats are such mammals that can fly.

15. Human DNA gets 70% from snails and 98.4% from chimpanzees.

16. A bird named Flamingo can eat only when its head is upside down.

17. Pigs can also play video games.

18. Gorillas catch many diseases including the human cold.

19. About 75% of wild birds have a life of only 6 months.

20. Moths, also called kites, do not have stomachs.

Amazing Facts

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