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Hello friends, 🙏Welcome to ReaSieKie Private Limited official website, Where we get awesome articles every day. Today I have brought an article about Human Genital Organs.

  • 20 Facts About The Human Genital Organs:

1. There is an external and internal structure in the feminine system of women. The outer structure consists of a stool and sex, whereas the internal structure consists of the uterus, ovaries, and cervix.

2. The genital organ of the male is the testes, the testicles, and penis.

3. Sperm is the longest cell in the human body that is the smallest cell and the ovaries from the ovaries of women.

4. In total, 10 to 20 million eggs are extracted throughout life, out of which 300,000 only reach Puberty.

5. Our testes make up about 500 million Sperm cells in a day, from which 75 million emissions of semen during discharge and only one sperm reaches the egg.

6. There are many types of bacteria in the vagina of the organism that protect vaginal from the outside infection.

7. For the production of sperm in our body, the temperature of the scrotum should be 2 ° lower than the body temperature, hence our Scrotum is outside the body.

8. Men have Androgen hormones in the body, due to which their sound starts to become heavy and the hair starts coming into the body.

9. Sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle increases the likelihood of women getting pregnant.

10. Sperm can live in the genital organ for five days.

11. At the time of pregnancy, the uterus spreads to 500 times as compared to its former size.

12. The zygote is formed from the sperm with the egg, which remains a cellular for half an hour, then it becomes split and becomes an embryo.

13. Inside the vagina, there is G-Spot which is the most sensitive organ.

14. In men, the urethra is more than that, because in men it spreads to the entire penis, whereas in females only to the ends of the vagina

15. Placental hormones are essential for women to get pregnant and produce milk in Mammary Gland.

16. It is surprising that when the pregnant woman comes to the 20th week, the blood gets doubled.

17. The cervix below the uterus, which contains the cervical tube, the menstrual cycle, and the fetus goes into the vagina from the uterus and semen goes from the vagina to the uterus.

18. There are Vas Deferens in men which have Sperm canal and it is 30 cm long.

19. The accessory gland removes fluid which keeps the sperm canal smooth and also provides the nurturing of the sperm.

20. There is clitoris inside the vagina that increases with age until menopause. This is why some women experience sexual intercourse with aging.

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