Friday, November 2, 2018

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Hello friends, 🙏Welcome to ReaSieKie Private Limited official website. Where we get awesome articles every day. Today I have brought an article about Music.

There will hardly be anybody in the world who does not like music. Music is an important part of our lives. So let's know some interesting facts related to it.

  • 24 Facts About The Music:

1. The beginning of music and the beginning of human life are considered together.

2. In India, the first song was called song only.

3. The first dance was considered to be an art different from the music.

4. Listening to music while working can increase our work capacity.

5. Warner Music made $ 2 million dollars with the famous "Happy Birthday To You" song.

6. Some of our favorite songs we like are because any event related to it has decreased in our real life.

7. The songs we are listening to, our beats also seem to mutate the same song.

8. We often love music that suits our personality.

9. Music therapy has proved to be very effective for a disease called psychiatric disorder.

10. You will not believe but if the music is given to the flowers, then they grow fast.

11. The way we like to listen to music, we see the world in exactly the same way.

12. Telecaster and Stratocaster invention 'Leo Fender' did not even play guitar.

13. The world's most expensive machine 'Stradivarius violin' was sold in 2011 for $ 159 million.

14. Listening to music every day changes your brain structure.

15. Many times it happens with us that a song sits in our mind and we keep humming it all day, it is called "earworm".

16. The fastest raping in the world is the name of NoClue. About 51.27 seconds in 723 words.

17. The baby born in the womb also responds more when listening to music.

18. America has a profit of $ 23 for every 1000 $ of music sold.

19. The only band played at the seven continents of the world was Metallica.

20. Music can bring a memory of a lost person sitting in memory.

21. Less than 5% of people in the world hate music.

22. Listen to music in loud voices, motivate them to drink more in less time.

23. Bearing the headphones, listening to the song increases the bacteria in the ears by 700x.

24. Considering a research, people start driving fast cars after listening to songs of Honey Singh in the car.

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